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The Registration for September , October and November (Morning and Evening ) Batches 'Live Online classes' and 'Offline (Physical)' will start on 4th September, 2023 at 10:00 am on the basis of first cum first serve . Please read the offline classes guidelines . For further details please call at 9811195920, 9811197581 & 9811195024. . For Registration to our offline course please go to the ‘Offline Registration’ button above (the blue colour button at top above). For further details please call at 9811195920, 9811197581 & 9811195024. For Registration to our online course please go to the ‘Online Registration’ button above (the orange colour button at top right above).

Why RAHUL’S IAS only?

• Rahul’s IAS is the oldest Law coaching institute in Delhi. Rahul Sir started teaching at a personal level in 1997 and after having taught for 5 years informally, he formally gave the institute its name i.e. ‘Rahul’s IAS’ in 2001 (end). Being the oldest coaching institute, it has the maximum experience in teaching. Rahul Sir personally has been teaching for the last 26 years and he is still teaching all the main subjects personally, though we have a team of 3 other teachers for other law subjects and 4 teachers for GS. With more and more experience in teaching, a teacher gets exposed to diverse circumstances and questions and hence his teaching becomes more innovative, creative and effective. Additionally, he reads and researches as much and that is what makes the teacher a class apart. All other teachers here are also highly experienced and updated. The best aspect of Rahul’s IAS is that here the teachers work very hard, putting in a minimum of 5-6 hours of self-studies (apart from the classes) daily and thus they are all highly updated with the latest case laws and the concepts in depth.

• The fact that maximum no. of students has been coming to study here in itself is the proof that it is the best coaching institute in India for Judiciary (we are not teaching for the IAS exams presently).

• The classes are highly interactive and regular question answer sessions are held in the classes. The teachers are particularly instrumental in arousing inquisitiveness in the minds of students and then to answer their queries.

• The questions can be asked through some online method, as provided by the institute. This makes it easier and simpler for students to ask questions, otherwise most of the students are hesitant in asking their questions directly and their queries remain unanswered. This facilitates more queries to be asked in the class and makes the classes more productive and effective. It is a unique feature of Rahul’s IAS and helps in effectively solving all the queries of students

• Very detailed exhaustive notes on Law subjects, G.S., G.K., Essays, English, Translation, Judgment writing etc. are provided at the time of admission and during the classes, so that the students can prepare the subjects prior to the classes. That makes it easier for the students to understand the class lectures. We don’t provide 'bullet notes' which are very brief and are not useful; rather we provide very exhaustive and detailed meticulously prepared notes. We don’t teach here from any bullet notes or any pre- circulated notes or power point presentation. A teacher who teaches from such notes or power point is busy reading the notes and is not able to be innovative while teaching. The teacher will be restricted only to his notes, whereas these exams require a student to have a very high level of conceptual clarity. One has to be different from the others. We do provide the notes but our teachers do not teach from these notes; the notes are only for the students’ personal reference. Our teachers, while teaching, rise much above the notes and are innovative. They are able to give a very high level of conceptual clarity and they give some such points to the students which are not to be found in the books and are very rare to be found elsewhere. That is what makes us different and unique.

• Our teaching is ‘Case Law and Bare Act’ based and not text book based. Our teaching is highly concept based. That gives a cutting edge to our students (their answers are much different from the others as they contain such points and concepts which are not to be found in the normal text books). We provide hundreds of original case laws and also specially prepared model questions -answers, based on the current cases, which is a unique feature of Rahul’s IAS. Reading the original cases gives a cutting edge to our students as these cases help our students acquire and inculcate the ‘judicial mind’ which is a must for cracking these exams.

• Having sufficiently large batch sizes, the level of competition here is very high. The more are the students in the class, the more will be their queries, and that will further raise the standard of teaching. The more are the students in the class, the greater is the sense of responsibility upon the teacher, the more repetitive the teacher has to be. That raises the standard of teaching to a very high level. Students of any kind of academic background are able to understand the concepts easily due to the repetitions and questions asked in the class. The students here positively compete with each other to raise their levels, and that results into a brighter chance of success. Again, this is a unique feature of Rahul’s IAS.

• We have the maximum no. of genuine results - more than 3000 students from here have cleared the Judicial and many other exams (APO, Law Officers, JAG, etc.) till date. That is what makes us unique and different. More of success gives us more of experience, responsibility and motivation. The students here are at a very high level of motivation and energy due to the personalised kind of environment that is created in the classrooms by the teachers.

• Most important fact is that we have had 1000+ final selections from Rahul’s IAS in Judicial Services, with 17 First Rankers in the last 5 years, apart from thousands of our earlier overall selections to including Judicial, APO, Law Officers etc., over the last almost two decades. This also includes 150+ students who have secured ranks in top 10 and 250+ students who have secured ranks in top 20 in the various states. No other Law Coaching Institute (Judiciary) in India has produced even 1/5th of this number of results in these 5 years. This no. of results at Rahul’s IAS has been there despite the fact that in the year 2020-2021 no major notifications (excepting very few) were announced. The results and the quality of results (the top ranks) itself speaks volumes about the standard and level of Rahul’s IAS. We are far ahead of any other law coaching institute in terms of our results and performance. We take immense pride in the fact that we are actually the best in terms of our quality of education which is manifest in our results.

• Maximum no. of 1st Rankers and toppers in top 10 till date are from Rahul’s IAS. That again makes Rahul’s IAS unique.

• Most important aspect is that apart from other experienced, hardworking, highly cooperative, accommodative and student friendly teachers, Rahul Sir is personally teaching the maximum no. of subjects. Rahul Sir and the other teachers are able to compare and give an intra and inter subject approach to the students. The intra and inter subject linkages, coupled with the correlation with landmark and current judgments and the correlation with the Constitution of India and the basic principles of law as well as the rules of interpretation provided by the teachers here, is a unique feature of Rahul’s IAS. That kind of approach is highly recommended and required for these highly competitive exams. That raises the level of conceptual clarity of the students and also the standard of their answers. After all, in such a competitive environment, an aspirant has to be different from the others. Our teaching pattern gives our students an outright cutting edge over the others.

• Our lecture style is highly explanation based. We first explain the concepts orally, extempore and diagrammatically several times (until the teacher is assured that each and every student has understood it) and then we dictate in detail, the concepts in an exam format. This makes the students understand, learn and retain the concepts clearly and easily. Moreover, it makes answer writing easier and also acts as a writing practice. This also helps the student in increasing his writing speed and quality. It also helps in learning and acquiring better English. A teaching which does not involve a detailed dictation, is the worst kind of teaching. After the coaching gets over, the student should have a proper material written by himself so as to be able to revise the concepts easily and effectively.

• Our teachers focus especially upon a thorough and threadbare ‘Bare Act’ interpretation with all kinds of intra and inter linkages. The teaching here is topical and not section wise. Section wise approach is not suitable for these exams. Topical approach (which covers all the sections also) takes care of P.T., Mains as well as the interview. Our teaching is highly professional and exam oriented. A mere academic approach is not suitable for these exams. Individual topics need to be focused according to their complexity and importance in the exams. Topical study means picking up a topic and discussing all its dimensions in detail, involving all sections of the same law or other laws coupled with a detailed conceptual clarity including all landmark judgments.

• Hundreds of Model Answers are provided in a printed form as well as dictated (in different formats) in the class with proper analysis so as to make answer writing easy and natural to our students.

• Regular answer writing tests are conducted which are evaluated by the teachers with proper remarks and are discussed individually by the teachers with the students in order to give them a proper feedback.

• The teachers here are highly interactive with the students and normally the teacher waits in the class after the lecture has got over, so as to personally interact with students to solve their doubts.

• We take approximately a minimum of 2076 hours of class room lectures to complete the syllabus which again is a unique feature of Rahul’s IAS. The more of time is given to the students, the better is the teaching standards and conceptual clarity.

• We don’t engage ourselves in other courses like weekend batches, crash courses, IAS classes, CLAT courses, LLB or LLM courses etc. and therefore our teachers get maximum time to focus upon the judicial batches. This makes them more effective, interactive and productive.

• We keep providing material and psychological support to our students for several years even after the completion of their course, without any additional charges. The Interview Guidance Programme is free for all our students whenever they take the interview (even after the course is over).

• A completely separate team of 4 teachers for GS are working here to take care of this very important and indispensable aspect of these exams.

• A separate in-house magazine on Current Affairs, Essays, translations, English, Précis Writing and current legal issues and current cases is provided to the students here every month during the continuation of the course and for years even after the completion of the course. We also provide 3 sets of objective test papers with 150 questions each on GS, GK and current affairs with explanatory answers every month. This is a unique feature of Rahul’s IAS.

• We provide hundreds of objective test papers on Law and GK, GS, English, etc., and translation papers during the entire course and even after the completion of the course.

• There are 3 specialised counsellors (Mr. Krishna, Mr. Anand and Mr. Babloo) for G.S., G.K. and Law (apart from the teachers), and they are available from 10:30 am till 6:30 pm everyday (except Sundays), to provide personalised material and psychological support and counselling to the students during the continuance of the course and even after the completion of the course, either in personal presence or on telephone or through email/ WhatsApp, etc.,

• There is a team of 8 to 10 research scholars for Law, current affairs and GS working continuously to provide latest and updated material, including latest cases, to the students. This is a unique feature of Rahul's IAS.

• The course package includes the prelims, Mains and special interview classes and mock interview sessions conducted by retired High Court and Sessions Judges and subject experts, with proper feedback. This facility for interview sessions and test papers (including current cases and magazines) is available even after the course gets over. No extra fees will be charged for it.

• There are several projectors (7-8) with screens in the classrooms to make it easier for the students to see whatever is being taught irrespective of where he/ she is sitting (for offline students). The teachers here use a laptop and writing pad to write the points and to draw the diagrams on the spot to give a pictographic effect to their teaching. There are high quality microphones and sound system (with 80+ high quality speakers) to create a strong audio effect to the teaching. The teachers are highly active and they use a strong and expressive body language to make their teaching effective.

• The conditions here are highly conducive for efficient studies: neat and clean environment, spacious and hygienic conditions in classrooms and toilets (separate 'Mall' like toilets for boys and girls), adherence with fire safety and all other safety and municipal norms. That apart, a separate in-house cafeteria is also available exclusively for students of Rahul’s IAS (Cafetaria will remain closed in covid times). The classrooms and the waiting lobby for the students are centrally air conditioned.

• There is a heavy-duty generator permanently installed so as to take care of the continuity of classes and the air conditioners in case of electricity failure (Subject to Govt. norms/orders).

• There are two high quality lifts installed in the building.

• The stairs are also very spacious (7 feet broad). There are several entries and exits in each classroom.

• Male & Female guards under a Security Officer, are posted for proper security checks, with latest security equipments.

• In order to ensure safety, security and hygiene of all students, we have shifted (in June, 2018) the class room of English medium to a new venue: A-4, Wazirpur Industrial Estate, near Shalimar Bagh Metro Station-Gate no. 3, Delhi-110052.

• Having informed you about all the unique features and facilities at Rahul’s IAS, I would personally like to tell you that the most important aspect of a coaching institute is the teaching methodology and teaching standards of the teachers. I am personally of the view that a teacher should be extempore and innovative with great communication skills and that comes only with more of experience and exposure. The teacher should be able to read the mind of the students. The teacher should be able to penetrate into the mind, the heart and the nerves of the student. Even amongst hundreds of students he should be able to make a student feel as if he/she is teaching that individual student alone. The teacher should not just be a teacher, rather he should be a coach who does not impart only knowledge, rather he/she is able to train his students in their mind and body, he is able to impart a particular way of life to his/her students, a set of values and duty towards the society and the Nation on the lines of the essential and indispensable principles of the Constitution of India, a feeling of compassion towards the day to day happenings of life and towards the society. The real teacher is him/her who is able to arouse curiosity and inquisitiveness in the mind of the student so that the student raises questions and is able to solve these questions with the help of the teacher. A real teacher and coach is a person whose mere presence gives a great deal of motivation to the students. No matter how much of organised set up, digitalisation and material you provide, if you are not able to give conceptual clarity and the audio-visual impact upon the mind of the students coupled with a strong feeling of inspiration and motivation to the students, you are a failed teacher and a coach. A real teacher is the one who is able to make his/her students visualise and live the things that he/she is teaching and who is able to have a long-lasting effect of his teachings upon the mind of the students. Ultimately what matters is what the student carries in his/her mind directly from the classes. We at Rahul’s IAS do possess these requisites and apart from the logistical support as mentioned above, we are highly focussed upon the above attributes. We take immense pride in the fact that through our teachings we are not only preparing our students for the exams, rather we are instilling values in our students. We are instilling in them a sense of compassion and duty towards the Society and the Nation. That is what makes our students a class apart. They are excellent not only in their knowledge, concepts and writing skills, rather also in their duties towards the society and the Nation. I believe Rahul’s IAS is not just a coaching Institute, it is rather a family of highly motivated, energised, proactive, constructive, aware, compassionate and positive minded individuals. Our results and the performance of our students after they get into their respective jobs is a clear manifestation of the same.
God bless. … Rahul Sir.