The Registration for April, May and July 2024 Batches 'Live Online classes' and Offline (Physical batches) will start on 1st April 2024 at 10:00 am on our website on the basis of First come First Serve basis. .For further details please call at 9811195920, 9811197581 & 9811195024. . Please read the offline classes guidelines . For further details please call at 9811195920, 9811197581 & 9811195024. . For Registration to our offline course please go to the ‘Offline Registration’ button above (the blue colour button at top above). For further details please call at 9811195920, 9811197581 & 9811195024. For Registration to our online course please go to the ‘Online Registration’ button above (the orange colour button at top right above).

Teaching Pattern and Rules and Regulations (for both Offline course & Live Online Course as applicable)

Teaching pattern:

The focus and pattern of our teaching will be as follows:
  • Topic wise synopsis of all sub-topics, thread bare conceptual explanations and discussions with maximum diagrammatic representations & repetitions, wherever needed. These discussions will be dictated or will be repeated to enable you to write it, or a write up on the discussion will be provided.
  • The student shall be alert and keen on writing the points when the teacher is explaining. The teaching style of different teachers here may be different and therefore the students are advised to quickly get accustomed to it for their own benefit (though their pattern and approach will be the same).
  • Important and difficult previous years’ questions and other questions will be discussed in the class. Model answers of some of these questions will also be dictated or supplied in writing. The students are advised to minutely follow these model answers and other answer writing tips as well as practice the other questions on the same pattern. If a student wants some other questions to be discussed, he/she may write and give it to the teacher who will discuss it in the class whenever he/she finds it suitable. If the teacher invites, the questions can be asked directly in the class also by raising hand.
  • For the Preliminary Exams we have sufficient no. of subject wise standard test papers. A student has to attempt these test papers as and when a test is announced. It is compulsory for every student to attend to these test papers. 14 days after the completion of a subject, there will be a compulsory objective and subjective test on the subject.
  • All important case laws, Landmark or Current, would be discussed in the class. These cases will also be supplied to the students for their personal reference. These cases shall be carefully studied and be preserved; any distribution of these cases to outsiders will entail a termination of your admission. In Online Classes the specially prepared cases, will be provided in PDF form through our App.
  • Answer writing practice sessions will also be held during the classes and the students are advised to take these sessions very seriously. The teacher would discuss the model answer to these questions in the class itself.
  • During the classes, Rahul Sir and other teachers would also deliver some motivational lectures to boost your confidence and preparations. You are advised to take these lectures positively as they are for your benefit only.
  • Every next lecture may have a small portion of question round wherein the teacher will ask questions on whatever he/she has taught in the previous lectures. Students are advised to be prepared every day. In case a student fails to respond continuously, the concerned teacher may talk to his/her parents.
  • For G.S., there will be special focused classes by specialists.
  • For Translation, English, Precis writing, Essay writing etc., there will be special test papers for regular practice.
  • For Current Affairs and latest legal developments & current case laws, there will be a special monthly magazine, supplied free of cost to the students (In online classes it will be provided in PDF form through our App.).
  • The classes will be interactive, to entertain all relevant doubts of the students.
  • There will be special counsellors to give personal guidance to the students. The Online Class students can avail this facility through Telephonic calls.
  • Inside the class room or Online Live Classes you are free to ask questions but only when the teacher invites your questions; don’t obstruct the teacher when he is teaching in a flow. If the teacher so requires, please write your question on a piece of paper / online mode or Live chat and give it to him/her. If it is relevant it will be answered the same day or the next day. All the relevant queries of the students will be solved by the teachers. In Live Online Course, questions can be asked in Real Time, through Live Chat.

The following are the rules and regulations to be followed by the students during the course schedule. These are to bring about a sense of discipline amongst the students and also to avoid any wastage of time of the organization, in particular, the time of the teachers, as we want to concentrate more upon our studies and good teaching. Ultimately, it is for your benefit only. We expect you to take these in a positive frame of mind and to strictly adhere to the same.
  • Fees for Judicial Services Batch (Offline / Online Live Classes) —Rs.3,17,500/- [inclusive of GST](English Medium)/Hindi Medium (Offline Classes)-Rs. 1,80,500/- [inclusive of GST] / Hindi Medium (Online Live Classes)-Rs. 1,60,500/- [inclusive of GST].
  • The above fees include P.T., Mains & Interview preparations (classes + all kinds of study material & test papers i.e. objective & subjective). It also includes the office support even after the completion of the course (material + test papers + interview guidance program). For interview guidance programme for both Offline/ Online students it may be held in offline or online mode depending upon the circumstances.
  • Fees once paid, is neither refundable nor adjustable under any circumstances, whatsoever. Late payment of fees due (if any) would make the student liable to pay a fine of Rs. 100/- (Rupees One hundred only) per day to be counted from the due date of such payment. You may also be stopped from attending the classes in case of such a default. The Proprietor holds the discretion to allow such late payment under reasonably explained circumstances. Written permission would be required to be taken for that purpose.
  • In case you take permission for instalment payment of fees, provisional I-D card will be issued only for one month. If the fee is not paid on the due date, the validity of the I-D card will lapse on such date and the security guards at the class room may not allow you to enter the class room, until you have taken a prior permission. For Online classes the same rule will apply in the form of access to our online lectures and course material.
  • The Institute offers no discounts in the fees and therefore the students are requested not to insist upon it at all. We don’t listen to any recommendations by anyone.
  • The students are advised to cooperate with each other and with the staff of the Institute, and also to carry the minimum of things with themselves to the class room so as to avoid any wastage of space in keeping the things. Reserving seats in the classroom for your friends is strictly prohibited. It may result into disciplinary action against the concerned student.(This applies to Offline Classes).
  • All disputes shall be subject to Delhi Jurisdiction only.

Those students who have to take leave in between the course due to their Law Faculty exams(LLB. only) and have taken permission for the same at the time of admission, shall make it sure that they shall obtain a written permission from the Proprietor at the beginning of the course itself. You will be later allowed to do only those classes which you have missed out during the said leave. Without a written permission no such classes will be allowed later. It shall be written on your admission form only. The leave will be granted only 10 days before the exams and for the period of the exams.
  • A student who joins the institute and does not attend the classes from the date of commencement of his/her course, is not entitled to get his/her date of admission extended unless a written permission under the signature of the Proprietor has been obtained. In case of failure to do so, the student is liable to get his/her admission cancelled upon the lapse of one month from the date of commencement of the course, whereupon any fees already deposited shall be forfeited by the institute from the said date. In specially explained circumstances the fee may be refunded (within the initial one month).
  • Irregularity in attending the classes is strictly prohibited. The institute will not be responsible for non-completion of the course if a student has not been regular to the classes (on whatever account). In the case of reasonably explained absence, the Proprietor holds the discretion to allow repetition of classes as per the availability of seats. A prior written permission would be required to be taken from the Proprietor.
  • A student is required to be seated in the class at least fifteen minutes before the commencement of the lecture. The teacher/Proprietor holds the discretion to stop a student from attending the lecture if he/she is frequently late to the lectures. (This is to avoid disturbances to the ongoing lecture). (This applies to Offline Classes)
  • The ‘Foundation Course’ duration is approximately two years for English medium, to be counted from the date of commencement of the course as specified in the admission form. The course duration is subject to some extension (4-5 months) under special circumstances (e.g. force majeure illness of teacher, extra classes for some subjects, etc., though our endeavour is always to complete the course within stipulated time). The Institute will not be responsible for non completion of course in time in the situation of Force Majeure (Epidemic, Pandemic, Flood, earthquake, illness of teacher etc.,).
  • The students of online batches shall/may be required to attend one or two big subjects in another batch (in online mode) to effectively complete the course.
  • The student shall give to the institute his/her existing telephonic contact no. and permanent as well as present Delhi/Local address, and Email ID.
  • Carrying eatables and use of mobile phones in the classroom is strictly prohibited. (Applicable to Offline classes)
  • Any audio or video recording of lectures is strictly prohibited and the violation of this condition shall make the student liable to termination of his/her admission and legal proceedings can be initiated against such a student. The institute 'may' prohibit the carrying of any recording devices (including mobile phones with recording facilities) to the classrooms (though normal mobile phones without recording facility shall be allowed).
  • The Proprietor also holds the discretion to change the venue of lectures if any such need arises during the continuance of the course. (Applicable to Offline classes)
  • The proprietor holds the discretion to terminate the admission of a student on the ground of any act of indiscipline. ‘Indiscipline’ includes—any act of quarrel or fight in the premises of the institute or in the immediate surroundings so as to affect adversely the interests of a student or staff of the institute; any indecent gesture or words (written or oral) or act intended at any student or staff of the institute; maliciously spreading of any rumours or instigating students or others against the credibility and credentials of the institute or its staff or its students; destruction or diminishing the value of any property of the institute; distributing or selling the study material, class notes or cases supplied, causing unnecessary disturbance to the teacher or fellow students in the class room, recording (video or audio) of class lectures, causing any kind of threat to a teacher or student, refusing to co-operate in the security check procedure at the institute, using any kind of demeaning or derogatory remark against a student, teacher or staff member, etc.
  • There will be thorough security check at the entrance by female and male security guards respectively for female and male students, which includes frisking, bag searches, search of mobile phones etc. Students should cooperate in that process. Non-cooperation would amount to an act of 'indiscipline'.
  • The venue for English Medium classes and new office is A-4, Wazirpur Industrial Area, Near Shalimar Bagh Metro Station, Gate No. 3, Delhi-110052. However, the old office will remain at the same place B-13, 1st Floor, Commercial Complex, Above HDFC Bank ATM, Dr. Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi-110009. The Hindi Medium classes shall be held at 289, 1st Floor, Dhaka Johar, Near Dussehra Maidan, Dr. Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi-110009. (Applicable to Offline classes)
  • The proprietor holds the discretion to change the teachers of the various subjects if any such reasonable need arises during the ongoing course.
  • The Institute shall not be responsible/liable in any manner for non-performance of the contract if it becomes unable to perform due to any FORCE MAJEURE EVENT ( earthquake, epidemic, endemic, pandemic, flood, illness of teacher etc.,).

The classes will be held for the following subjects(both Offline and Online Live Courses)

  • Meticulously prepared detailed study material & latest & Landmark Cases(in brief) will be provided on these subjects (Main Subjects).
  • Subject wise faculties are as follows:
    Rahul Sir - IPC, CPC, Cr.P.C., Evidence, Constitution (Fundamentals), Limitation Act and Jurisprudence.
    Nidhi Madam- Hindu Law, Muslim Law, Tort, Sales of Goods Act, Partnership Act,TPA.
    Nandita Madam - Contract, Indemnity, Guarantee, Bailment and Pledge & Agency, SRA, Administrative Law, Judgment writing (civil & criminal), charge framing , pleadings, Electronic Evidence , Temporary Injunctions etc.
    Aastha/Nandita Madam - Arbitration, Registration, NI Act, Polity, Trust, Easement and Equity & Local Acts.
  • Mr. Bharat Chugh - Occasional special orientation lectures (his class will be organized as per his availability).
  • For Current Affairs — A current affairs magazine will be provided free of cost every month.
  • For G.S. Classes there is a team of 4 specialized teachers.
  • For Essay, several model essays will also be supplied to the students.
  • For Translation and English, Hindi, Précis Writing, hundreds of practice papers will be provided in the form of Handouts & Practice test papers. (Through our App. in Online Classes)
  • For G.S., Current Affairs & Law, there will be regular objective and subjective tests.
  • There can be occasional combined special lectures for all batches.
  • The institute will not be responsible for any delay in completion of the course due to illness of the teacher or due to any other unforeseen & sudden circumstances that may arise, though our endeavour would always be to complete the course within stipulated time.
  • All disputes shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Delhi Courts only.
  • Conditions, rules, regulations for joining the offline/physical classes, 2022 onwards :
    Students are requested/ advised to read all these conditions carefully and properly and to proceed for payment and admission to physical/offline classes only if he/she and their guardians totally agree to all these conditions by their own volition and full consciousness:

    1. Before joining the Offline/Physical classes the students should ensure that they are doubly vaccinated and should come with double vaccination certificate and negative RTPCR report on the day of commencement of offline classes without which they will not be allowed to enter the premises. The institute has the discretion to require a student to get his/ her RTPCR test done as and when deemed necessary during the continuance of the course. The expenses of the above shall be borne by the student himself/ herself.

    2. The students joining offline classes will not have the facility of online classes or VODs (recorded lectures) in his/her batch. They will have access to the test papers, case laws, practice papers, current affairs monthly magazines and other study material in the online mode only. No hard copies of test papers, case laws, practice papers and other study material will be provided during the continuance of the course, excepting the hard copies of the basic detailed study material and annual recent judgments booklets to be given at the time of admission/commencement of classes.

    3. Whenever the offline/physical classes are suspended due to adverse covid cases in Delhi NCR or due to any other extraordinary circumstances (viz, force majeure etc., including any govt. orders), the offline students shall continue to attend the classes in the online mode as long as the offline classes at the institute remain suspended. There is no option of discontinuing and attending the left over lectures offline later in such a situation. These offline students will be given special access to the online classes only for that period. The day the offline classes resume, the access of offline students to online lectures, VODs etc., will be withdrawn.
    The proprietor has the discretion to decide when to suspend the offline/physical classes due to rise of covid cases in Delhi NCR or due to any other extraordinary circumstances (viz, force majeure etc., including any govt. orders). This decision will be taken in light of the prevailing circumstances, e.g., if the positivity rate of covid cases in Delhi rapidly rises or any student/ staff member / teacher has been found covid positive and has been coming to the institute regularly, or any other adverse circumstances as explained hereinabove. This will be irrespective of the fact whether other schools/colleges/coaching institutes are closing their physical classes or not. The decision of the Proprietor in this regard shall be final and binding on all students irrespective of their personal willingness to continue with the offline classes.
    Whenever there is a long holiday, including suspension of classes as herein above explained, the students coming back to the offline/physical classes thereafter may be required to bring and show their latest (last 72-96 hrs.) negative RTPCR report, depending upon the prevailing circumstances.

    4. Whenever the offline classes start, those students who have already taken admission in the online classes will not have the option of shifting to the offline classes in any circumstances. The online classes of online students will continue to be conducted online only. The online classes will be live telecast from the offline/physical classes only. Thus, both online classes and offline classes will have the same teachers and same content excepting the mode of viewing. If a student joins the offline classes then he/she has the option of permanently (and not temporarily) shifting to online mode of classes if he/she so desires during the continuance of the course.
    An offline student of one batch will not be allowed to attend classes in the other offline batch (due to limited no. of seats in each batch). An offline student of one batch, however, will be given the option of attending the classes of some subjects out of turn in the other batch in the online mode (and not in the offline mode). This is in order to enable him/her to complete the course earlier, if he/she wants to do so. For this he/she will have to take special permission from the office, subject to terms and conditions.

    5. Whenever the offline/physical classes start, the following protocols/rules will be followed inside the coaching premises:

    a). Face mask-either triple ply (surgical) mask or a N-95 or any other equivalent and effective mask, shall be compulsory to be worn throughout in the coaching premises. Nose and mouth both should be covered properly. Cloth masks or handkerchiefs or scarf turned into face masks will not be allowed. In case of rapid increase of covid positive cases, double masks inside the premises may be made compulsory for that period.
    It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that if he/she has breathing or suffocation problem in face masks or any other adverse medical condition not conducive for offline classes then he/she should not take admission in the offline classes; rather, such a student should take admission in the online classes.

    b). Hand gloves may be worn by the student, if he/she so desires (though it is not compulsory) but it also needs to be sanitised regularly.

    c). Regular Sanitization of hands (with gloves/ without gloves) to be done, particularly before entering the premises and before entering the class rooms. Coaching will keep sanitizer machines to be used in the premises but masks (as above explained) and gloves (if any) are to be carried by students themselves- Rahul’s IAS will not provide any masks or gloves. If a student comes to the coaching without masks, he/she will not be allowed to enter the premises in any circumstances.

    d). Social distancing should be strictly followed inside the premises and classrooms.

    e). For Covid safety, eatables etc., will not be allowed to be eaten in the class rooms, stairs area and other closed areas of the premises. Even drinking of water shall be done, as far as practicable, outside the classrooms and closed areas (as for that purpose mask will have to be removed).

    f). Sanitisation (for covid safety) of bags, purses etc., will be done at entry of the premises along with the regular frisking and searching (for security reasons). Lady and male security staff will be adequately posted for the above purpose for female and male students respectively. The students shall cooperate with the security staff properly.

    g). The students will have to wipe the sole of their shoes, slippers, sandals etc., on the disinfectant mats kept at the entry point of the premises.

    h). Once a student has entered the premises, he/she will not be allowed to leave the premises unnecessarily until all his/her lectures of that day get over. In the breaks between the lectures, students will not be allowed to unnecessarily loiter around in the premises. One will not be allowed to go outside the premises in the breaks. You have to carry your own tea/ coffee flasks, lunch or snacks boxes from home. The cafeteria at the institute will remain closed in order to avoid unnecessary crowding and spread of covid. For lunch etc., a student will have to go to the open air areas of the premises.

    i). Since we have to maintain social distancing in the classrooms, there are limited no. of seats in the class rooms. The students of one batch will be split into different groups, one group will sit in the class where teacher is present physically and the other group will sit in the other hall in the same building where live telecast of that lecture will done through projectors and multiple screens. These groups will sit in that manner on a fortnightly rotation basis (means one group will sit in the classroom with the physical presence of the teacher for one fortnight and the other group will sit in the other room where live telecast is done, and the next week these groups will interchange their positions), Or, the other arrangement can be that one teacher will teach physically from one classroom and the other teacher in the next slot, from the other classroom.

    j). Questions cannot be asked through chits (as a measure of covid safety); rather there will be some online methods for asking questions during the lecture, viz, Whatsapp. Relevant questions will be answered on the same day during class or in the subsequent classes on other days as may be suitable to the concerned teacher.

    k). Crowding inside the office, classrooms, around teachers or in toilets will not be allowed. Social distancing and other Covid protocol have to be strictly followed.

    l). To ensure covid safety, no separate space for personal studies or group discussions in the institute will be provided (excepting attending the classes), nor sitting and crowding or having lunch in the stairs or lobby or office area will be allowed.

    m). At the entry, temperature check of every person entering the premises will be done. Anyone who is not well medically will be barred from attending the classes or entering the premises until he/she comes back with COVID RTPCR negative report. For that period, the student concerned will be given temporary access to online classes.

    n). If it is found that any student or staff member has become COVID positive and has been coming to the institute despite being positive, then the institute will be shut down as per govt. covid protocol. As long as the institute/physical classes remains suspended, the classes will continue online and even offline students will have to compulsorily attend online classes in that period. There will not be any option of not attending online classes in that period as the lectures will continue online and they cannot be repeated separately for such offline students later.

    o). The above list is only illustrative and not exhaustive.

    6. A teacher may hold his/her classes even for the offline/physical batch, live from home or other platform occasionally, if the situation so requires (health, covid etc., issues related to that teacher or his/her family). In that case his/ her lecture will be live telecast in the classrooms for offline students also. Out of his 5 lectures per week, Rahul Sir will take 3-4 lectures per week in the offline/physical mode and may take 1-2 lectures in the online mode (such lectures will be live telecast in the physical classes as well).

    7. If an offline student misses his/her regular offline lectures for any reason, he/she does not have the option/ right of asking access to online/recorded lectures or of attending the missed classes in the offline batch later. However, in the following cases (only), such student will be allowed to attend only those missed classes in a subsequent online batch in the online mode only:
    (a) In case a student misses some classes due to any severe illness. He/she will have to produce proper medical certificate and other medical records for the same and he/she will be allowed in a subsequent online batch in online classes for only those topics which were missed in that period of severe illness.
    (b) In case a student becomes Covid positive, he/she will be given 14 days holiday and will be allowed in the ongoing online classes or a subsequent online batch in online classes for only those topics which were missed in that period. The Covid positive RTPCR Report needs to be produced in such a case.
    (c) In case a student has his/her LLB exams, he/she will be given 15 days’ holiday and will be allowed in a subsequent online batch only for those topics which were missed in that period. For that, the student will have to file a formal application in the office and will have to produce the admit card of the exams.
    (d) In case of pregnancy of a student, holiday will be given to the student as per the attending doctor’s advice. Proper medical records and medical advice have to be produced and she will be allowed in a subsequent online batch in online classes for only those topics which were missed in that period.
    (e) In case of any other extraordinary circumstances, as per the sole discretion of the Proprietor.

    8. In case during the running class any defect or internet issue arises in the online transmission of the lecture for online students, then there may be a break in the offline class as well.

    9. Any student found violating the covid protocol and any of the above rules at the institute premises will be barred from attending the classes on that day and the next day without giving him/her any online access. The admission of such student may be terminated in case of repeated violations.

    10. If on the scheduled date of the commencement of your offline/physical classes/course, the covid situation in Delhi is adverse and not conducive for offline/physical classes, then your classes will start in the online mode initially and will convert to offline/physical mode only when the situation is conducive for offline classes. The decision of the Proprietor, in this regard, shall be final and binding on the students.

    11. The Interview guidance programme for those students who clear the mains exam of any judiciary exam will be held in online or offline mode, depending upon the covid situation and willingness of our interview panel.

    12. The use of generators in case of electricity cut off during classes would depend upon the govt. rules/norms/orders. In case of prohibition by govt. concerned department, generators will not be put to use. That may disrupt the classes temporarily, though we have adequate no. of ‘invertors’ installed.

    13. For ‘differently abled’ students, lift (elevator) facility is available.

    14. The students from outside Delhi will have to search for their private accommodations for stay in Delhi on their own. Rahul’s IAS does not run any hostel or PG facilities; Rahul’s IAS will not be responsible/ liable/involved in any manner in case of any problem/dispute between students and PG/Hostel owners or property dealers.

    15. The other guidelines for offline classes, viz, course duration, time allocation, etc., will remain the same as have been provided in our brochure and other tabs on our website.

    16. Rahul’s IAS does not have any branches/ Franchise anywhere in India. It has only its sole office(s) at Delhi (Mukherjee Nagar and Industrial Estate area , Wazirpur, Delhi), and classrooms-offline and online- at Delhi ( Industrial Estate area , Wazirpur, Delhi).

    17. The Institute will have certain scheduled holidays every year, viz, on important festivals, National Holidays, winter vacations of 7-10 days, 7-8 days holidays in March, 12-16 days in Oct.-Nov., etc., The list of the same can be obtained from the office before or after admission.

    18. Any clarifications on the above guidelines can be obtained from the office by personally visiting the office or by calling at 9811195920, 9811197581, 9811195024.

    Rahul’s IAS.

    Declaration by the student joining the Physical/offline classes at 'Rahul's IAS' :

    I declare herein that I am a person of sound mind and of the age of majority. I have very carefully read all the above conditions, rules and regulations for the offline/physical classes and I agree with all of them and undertake hereby to abide by them fully in letter and spirit, and with my full volition and consciousness, I am willing to join the offline classes.

Presently we are not providing any classroom course for the IAS exams.