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Registration for April, May, June & July 2020 batches has started and is still going on.The details of batches and no. of seats has been uploaded.

Fee details given below:

Fees from 1st of April, 2020 for English medium will be Rs.2,37,500/-(inclusive of GST) ,and for Hindi medium it will be Rs.1,31,500/-(inclusive of GST).
  • Fees for Judicial Services Batch:
     English Medium - Rs.2,37,500/- (inclusive of GST).
     Hindi Medium - Rs. 1,31,500/- (inclusive of GST).
  • English Medium Fee Details: -
     Total fee - Rs. 2,37,500/- (inclusive of GST).
     1st instalment - Rs. 50,000/- (to be paid at the time of registration).
     2nd instalment - Rs. 1,37,500/- (to be paid before commencement of classes).
     3rd instalment - Rs. 50,000/- (to be paid within one month of commencement of classes).
  • The above fees includes P.T., Mains & Interview preparations (classes + all kinds of study material & test papers- objective & subjective). It also includes the office support even after the completion of the course (material + test papers + interview guidance program).
  • Hindi Medium Fee Details: -
     Total fee- Rs. 1,31,500/- (inclusive of GST)
     1st instalment - Rs. 76,500/- (to be paid before commencement of classes).
     2nd instalment - Rs. 30,000/- (to be paid within one month of commencement of classes).
     3rd instalment - Rs. 25,000/- (to be paid within second month of commencement of classes).
  • Fees once paid, is neither refundable nor adjustable under any circumstances, whatsoever. Late payment of fees due (if any) would make the student liable to pay a fine of Rs.100/- (rupees hundred only) per day to be counted from the due date of such payment. You might also be stopped from attending the classes in case of such a default. The Proprietor holds the discretion to allow such late payment under reasonably explained circumstances. Written permission would be required to be taken for that purpose personally only from the Proprietor.
  • In case you take permission for installment payment of fees, provisional I-D card will be issued only for one month. If the fees is not paid on the due date, the validity of the I-D card will lapse on such date and the security guards at the class room will not allow you to enter the class, unless you have obtained a prior permission from the proprietor in that regard.
  • The Institute offers no discounts in the fees and therefore the students are requested not to insist upon it at all. We don’t listen to any recommendations by any one.
  • The Institute shall not be responsible/liable in any manner for non-performance of the contract if it becomes unable to perform due to any FORCE MAJEURE EVENT ( earthquake, epidemic, endemic, pandemic, flood, etc.,).